iPad USB Audio interface Support

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Please fix USB Audio Interface support for the iPad. I'm using a Cakewalk UA-1G AI. The audio coming out of BeatMaker2 is choppy and I can't record into the app with it. It works fine with apps like multitrack and reforge.

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    what latency do you have beatmaker on in the settings? how much stuff is running in the beatmaker set? i've got a behringer ua25 here that's running fine via cck with latency set to normal , but i guess a lot depends on how much stuff you have running in beatmaker?
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    Didn't do anything in the settings, and I'm running ios 3.2. Started the app on after a reboot.
    I'll double check it again and play with the settings
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    Can you update iOS? I think its up to 4.3?
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