Also another bug...

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If hit the home button and exit out of beatmaker (freeze it), it kept playing my loop.

I noticed it today when I got home after from my commute on the train that it was still playing on my iPad in my backpack. It was sorta funny because I was like "what the what is that?" but i'm sure, totally not supposed to be happening.


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    I think it's like that? It's like pandora to me, if I don't turn it off it just keeps running
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    If this is a Bug it's a dope one. Now I can scratch with tap DJ over my beat while I'm making it. It would be sick to add cuts to a hip hop track.
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    i think its not a bug? cause if your using iPhone4 if im not wrong iPhone4 have a multitasking so the app will still play in the backround like what you had said, you had tap the home button and the loop is still playing..

    btw ur using an iPad idk if iPad have multitask... i think its a bug...
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    Yeah I gotta admit, BM2 playing in the background is less of a bug and more of a feature!
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    You guys are totally right. The fact that I can keep bm2 rolling and multitask over to mini synth and throw some tones down, copy and paste back to bm2 is pretty rad. I had just been so used to bm1 and thought is was unintentional.

    Cool. Just hope the actual real bug fixes are coming.
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