HENNESSY BEAT & FREESTYLE (comments welcomed)

This is me freestylin and workin the glass pads on BM2 recording live semi live what ever you wanna call it no prerecorded drumloops... all sounds created with BM2 voices recorded from old VHS Movies.... Having an IPAD makes a BIG diffrence on production cant wait for 512 mb ram ipad2 This is not the real song just a taste of what can be please comment ...

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or go to soundcloud search johnnyhennessy you tube commin soon


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    i'm digging the freestyle drumflow , but you really could turn up those vocals.

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    Thanks I know the vocals suck a lil bit, it will probally be a diffrent verse, and the recording was done using the 4 track app and recorded on the ipad microphone when i do my real vocals im prbally going to get them recorded in a real sound booth.... thank you for the input i will keep that in mind when re recording---JH
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