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Just joined the forum but have a couple questions and/or requests. I didnt see these addressed in past posts but I admit to having skim read. Been using BM2 since it came out, also NS. Am wondering the following:

1) One thing I like about NS is that on the keyboard it will animate the keys as it plays your parts. Sounds like a small thing but when I re-visit old files that I want to work on sometimes I can't remember how I played some of the parts. Sure I CAN figure it out but that takes time. Would be nice if the keys moved or lit in sequence with the notes...

2) When you move notes around in the pattern edit winfo in NS and programs such as logic you hear the sample as you move the note and even just touching it....this is great because you can audtiion them in real time.

3) In the sequencer window the options for selecting parts are rather limited. NS has a similar function to logic that lets you select everything after what is highlighted. Or am I missing something?

4) Is the only way to set the loop points by entering the bar numbers and length of the loop manually?? Would be nice to "draw" the loop area.

5) Volume control of the click would be nice.

Although I find these features missing (or I'm missing something), I still think BM2 is hands down one of the best music tools around. Thanks for a great app.
I LOVE the true multitasking, the sounds, the control, the workflow, the virtually unlimited abilities, the responiveness of the pads....all these things are far superior to NS.


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    Hi Scott.. I also use both NS and BM2.. Both are great...

    1) agreed.. Would also like to see the keys mimic what you just played.

    2)BM2 does this.. But it has to be when you are drawing in notes, not just when you select them..

    3)BM2 only allows to select everything at once by double tapping the {SELECT} button.. but it does not have the individual selection after one highlighted selection as it is in NS..(if that makes sense)

    4)If you mean in the sequencer, just drag the loop bar to your content..


    Both apps have strong and weak points but both are pretty amazing...
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    Me & my friends would LOVE to see a feature that would allow you to play a part of a project by just hitting one pad. Keeping the same tempo and stuff, but just change what you hear by hitting a pad, or various pads. This would help out in live performances. The only alternate that I see is to record different tracks & then soloIng them. I want to be able to record 2 loops & switch between them smoothly. What do you guys think??
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