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i have been using beatmaker 1 and Ive purchased beatmaker 2. It works perfectly but is there any way that i can transfer my old files to the new program? and is there any way to create a .bmk2 file like how i used beatpack for the old BM1?

ive looked in the FAQs and the user manual but i haven't found an answer


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    i think the beatmaker1st files are not compatible with the BM2, and nope we still dont have the program to make a .bmk2 file, im waiting for it too, so i can make some new piano sounds.
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    Wrong. You can still use Beatpack to make your own .bmk file kits. Once loaded into BM2 through Filezilla they work fine. And all of the compiled Beatmaker 1 USER KITS load fine as well. Here is the link to them:

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    Note: to make these work you have to change the .bmkz file to a .zip file; extract the folder containing the samples and .bmk file; and transfer the folder to your idevice.
  • ...And to save time, here is a way to batch change .bmkz files into .zip files using a text document; so you don't have to do it manually.

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    oh my bad, btw can we use any .bmk for the piano sounds? that is my only problem now i want to have some new piano sounds...
  • You can make a new keyboard instrument using any sample, or group of samples. That configuration is saved as a .bmk file. If you look at the samples for the instrument 'Grand Piano Light' that comes with BM2, you'll see it is made up of only C and F# samples; the notes between are pitched up or down.

    What would really be helpful is if Intua had a Beatpack-like program for setting up your own keyboard instruments. Right now you can only set it up in the keyboard section of BM2. Intua says a tutorial vid is planned for this.
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