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    Anyone have any Dubstep kits?
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    your question about bmk or bmkz
    i had the same problem

    maybe use google translate
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    Marvelous J Kit Sounds.bmkz
    J Dilla Sound and Loops.bmkz
    J Dilla Snares 4.bmkz
    J Dilla Snaress 3.bmkz
    J Dilla Snaress 2.bmkz
    J Dilla Snares.bmkz ZSnake
    J Dilla Percs.bmkz ZSnake
    J Dilla Kicks 2.bmkz ZSnake
    J Dilla Kicks 3.bmkz ZSnake
    J Dilla Hi Hats 2.bmkz ZSnake
    J Dilla Hi Hats.bmkz ZSnake

    These are all the kits i uploaded alot of j dilla. Enjoy.
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    Is it Still possible to import kits from FTP servers in bm2?
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    is anyone gonna ever update this or are user kits dead
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    this may be a silly question, but when i make my own kit does it become a kit that anyone can use or are they private and for my use only until l post them on a forum?
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    Great thread!

    If you guys want a place to host BeatMaker kits then please send them to me at contact [at] idesignsound [dot] com and I'll create a download area for you. Then I can link to this area from the BeatMaker page. I could probably enable an upload feature for registered users to make things easy for you. Let me know.


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    I love your page Alex!
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    How do you import these kits into Beatmaker 2? I read the manual but don't see how I can add these as a preset? Thanks for your help.

  • Use FileZilla to get the .bmkz files onto your device. They should just open in BM2.

    I think when I downloaded all the kits they were converted into .zip files. I used a batch file translator to change all the .zip files to .bmkz files (you can change the extension manually too). I don't remember having any issues.
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    This is aweful for the year 2011! This process is like some apple ii e shiiit! Lmao, i'll wait until the company fixes their shiit. I will then have some good ish for yall! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
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    When a process is so terrible that somebody doesnt want free sounds...i mean ignores them might be a sign that something sucks about it. I have absolutely no interest what so ever in putting my user sounds into this thing until it becomes time friendly.

    I have used 3 recommended ftps from this site...all drop files quite consistantly! All unfriendly...

    The ipad has now left the hook me up to your daw...parasite host relationship building...maybe beatmaker 2 should too?
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    Hi, downloaded a Kit from (Lex Luger), transfered it to BM directory, but when I want to load a DrumKit preset (from the DrumMachine) it shows the subfolders, but they are all empty.

    I also tried:

    - rename to .bmk2
    - load a preset from a Keyboard Sampler

    nothing worked.

    Is the .bmkz file outdated or can someone help to get to the right direction?

    Thanks for any help, I am sure there are cool recources out there worth making this work!
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    Ok I tried some more (from some info on the net)

    - renamed the .bmkz to zip
    - unzipped
    - transfered the resulting folder to BM2

    didn't work, same result (folders present but empty)

    Help, please <!-- s:? --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused" /><!-- s:? -->
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    Try uploading bmkz to Dropbox and import it from there...It worked for me.
  • Just in case this helps anybody, Dropbox also worked great for me but key is you have to open the file from the "Load Preset" button in the drum machine, NOT "Load Project"

    You can reference this thread:

    Thanks to all who have contributed to this project!
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