What's the most number of tracks that you have used?

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When I first got this app I was only able to have 3 or 4 tracks before it said my memory is low, I was thinking this sucks but I just discovered that the iPhone usually have apps running in the background. If you double click the home button on the iPhone you will be able to see all the apps running in the background, simply close those programs, now I am able to have 12+ tracks (with effects) with no problems. How many tracks are you all using?


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    Hey Jonespnice,

    I have a track where I am using 11 Devices, a mixture of Keyboards and Drum Machines, plus 3 effect Devices. Some of the devices I have used upto 8 tracks. The whole song has around 35 tracks. Rememer though not all playing at once. The end chorus being the heaviest. But plays with no problem.

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