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I don't have a credit card so i just asked someone if i could have his Itunes account and would pay him cash instead, and that's when i purchased BM1. I seem to have problems with transferring files for my done tracks thru beatpack so all those beats that i made are just stored in my Ipod Touch.

This is until i heard of the availability of BM2, i was so excited and even eager to apply for a credit card account just to purchase this app. Then again, I was lucky enough to find someone who's willing to share his Itunes account where i would have to pay him cash with an extra. Then the moment i tap the buy now icon on BM2 app store page, it says that BM2 is not compatible with my Ipod (Ipod 2nd Gen)

All the excitements were replaced with huge disappointment, really. I wanted to buy an Ipod 3 or 4 but due to budget constraints, i couldn't do so.

I know this message could almost be a novel now for being long, hehe, but what i wanted to know is this, is there any way BM2 will be available for Ipod 2nd Gen owners? Mine is jailbroken and running a 3.1.2 version.

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    BM2 has an impressive featureset that requires newer iDevice hardware. There's no way around this, unfortunately. You might want to try buying a used 4th gen iPod to take the price down a notch.
  • Thanks for the response Kadath. Least that i can do is to sell my 2ndGen ipod and buy a used 4th gen. By the way, for iphone, what specific model is compatible with BM2?

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    All iPhone models are supported starting 3GS.

    Intua Team.
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    I have just tried to install BeatMaker 2 and I got a message saying it can not install BeatMaker 2 because my iPod is not compatible. My iPod Touch is as far as I know is 3G and has an 8GB memory.
    I couldn't see anywhere on iTunes what the memory requirement is so I purchased the app only to find out on the intua website FAQ that 32GB memory is required. If this is the case could I get a refund or at least credit for use in iTunes?


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    Hi Andrew and all,

    Please read the following forum thread for answers to your questions:

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