BM1 Clicks'n'Tricks beat

edited March 2011 in BeatMakers Showcase
I love working with the basic BeatMaker kits, this one is the Clicks'n'Tricks kit.
BeatMaker soundbank -> Electronica -> Clicks'n'Tricks
Created on iPhone with BeatMaker 1. I exported 3 slightly different wave files (using the new FTP server!) to my MacBook, then used Reaper DAW to blend the three takes into one song.
The distorted takes used the bitcrusher FX in Beatmaker, but I added extra strangeness in Reaper with various FX including Sugar Bytes Artillery2 CM Edition.

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And, two years ago I used Clicks'n'Tricks to make this track (almost 300 listens):
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I also love the Rafiralfiro -> Rucker Park kit, I used it here (over 300 listens):
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I used Jazz -> Smooth Sweeps kit on this track (almost 600 listens):
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Still loving BeatMaker 1, there's so much to it.
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