Rendering issues bouncing down tracks.

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When I export my beat to .wav file. Then drop it into FL Studio as an audio clip the wave looses its time.
Hard to explain. Lets say I drop an 8 bar loop in...The loop stretches out to be like 10 minutes long...
Like it looses its form and time. I have to time stretch it BACK to be 8 bars in FL...but then i can hear time stretching artifacts...

I tried reconverting to wav to wav with a converter program which fixes the problem.
Everything is on time..and its 8 bars long...however the loop falls short and the reconverted wav's last second gets chopped off leaving a little blank space right before where it would loop.

Have you guys heard any issues about this? I'm mainly an FL user. I would LOVE to use BM2 as a scratch pad for when I am on the go and drop all my loops into FL where i can polish them up.

A SIDE NOTE: You guys did an amazing job. You really did your homework with this app. I been making beats for 10+ years and have used everything from MPC's to basically all software.
This app is great. It has all the core functions needed to make beats on the go OR even as your main production station. I love it. Just hope you guys can fix this rendering issues so i can drop my tracks into FL with ease...

One suggestion that would be cool and speed up the work flow. It would be cool if you put time stretching in the pitch options in the pad options. Like if you can just set the sample to however many beats or bars right there...THEN also be able to change the semitones there as well. I wouldn't even mind if a little "save as" popped up after doing so. thats fine. It would just speed things up having it there instead of the wave editor.

It would be cool to have markers/regions in the main wave editor as well. its cool you have them in the Chop Lab. But markers would really help doing detailed edits in the main wave editor. this way you can go back to selections you made previously and it would make copy and pasting easier in the wave editor too..One of the main tricks I do to create seamless sample keyboard sounds is to take a section of of tail of the sound and copy and paste it..then reverse that section so it plays forward then backwards and use that to create a loop when you hold down the keyboard note the loop is seamless and smooth with no clicking. You have COPY and you have PASTE and you have REVERSE in the wave editor...but markers/regions would help with this technique a lot.

Props again. Great program.
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