Back with a revised needs to be improved or implemented.

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First off i have practically sold 7 copies of your software that i know of...woo rite? Lol

I have been producing hiphop and other music since 1983!

1. The first bar sequencer glitch is still happening! It isnt crippling but it is annoying!
2. I absolutely believe trading beatmaker kits and files is not easy or non existant and when collaborating with my crew and other producers we are finding it aweful to try and do collaboration work...nobody wants to have to use ftp when i could just have a way to email the actual kits i make, and the actual song files. Think reason refills here gang...awesome!
3. The filter you have is okay....not awesome, not wonderful, not unique...the resonance is doody! It has no bawls!
4. ONCE AGAIN! 911!! Trading actual beatmaker song files is highly anticipated in my camp!
5. Core midi is not an option it is a means for survival...what you dont think competition is on the way?
6. I still believe beatmaker 2 would benefit from a real buss system, a input compressor and eq, and more and better effects...starting with reverb.
7. Do you guys know how to utilize the swing processing with preview and something that works like the swing on any other device in the world, because your swing is not anything like anybodys i have used...and i have used many...i honestly am having to relearn swing to use your sequencer...and what about groove sequencing ie reason style?
8. I know everyone would love to have this...velocity...garageband showed us its doable!
9. The sequencer copy and paste can be improved on.
10. You need a master track effects...via eq/multiband comp/limiter/noisegate
11. Audio tracks would be awesome, and appreciated. Even if its just 4!
12. Sample chopping based on [amplitude]. Awesome!! This was the first chopping there ever was! Missing on your engine.
13. A nifty tuner would be cool in the pitch/time stretch area as would formant controls!
14. Effects ideas--granulizer, pitcher, ring modulator, cab simulator
15. An arpegiator in the keyboard
16. A full synth engine in the keyboard
17. In app that doing these updates are beneficial as well as economically feasible to you.

I am sure any or all of these additions would be welcomed, utilized heavily, and thus ause unbearable smiling and happiness in your forum community <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->


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    18. Computer instrument editor like beatmaker 1 for drag and drop building of kits.
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    Very good ideas....I dropped the pc for the iPad....and beatmaker2 was the 1st app I bought. Its not bad...but bm2 could be a BEAST !!!!!
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    Few things:

    1. while velocity is available on garageband, it is useless in practice... so hyper sensitive and inconsistent that its practically unusable for serious production. i blame the accelerometer and highly doubt bm could do better with the hardware available

    2. the synth does have a full engine. you just need to load single cycle waveforms. i've done it and it works great... of course more than one "oscillator" with sync etc. (which would require realtime waveforms) would be nice
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    I am not dissing intua in any way. Nextly this isnt any kind of attack on you. Maybe in your useage, beatmakers sampler keyboard is a full on synth, compared to eden in nanostudio tho, it falls short in some ways, and then it exceeds in some ways. 2 oscillators would be great as you mentioned even a third noise osc would throw it over the top! Formant stretching would make the thing insane but nobody seems to want to do this...? Formant-pitch-time would allow a person to use less samples and get full on convincing sounding instruments. It would kick the cpu a bit, but a person would always be able to turn it off when not used. I know the garageband accelerometer is not dead accurate, but its pretty good most of the time...which would cut down on all the editing that has to be done for instance doing a chicago type of beat.

    With that i will add a few more requests.

    19. The ability to copy a midi sequence from one track to another.
    20. The ability to automate more parameters...woo this lacks badly.

    Fixes should be free...enhancements should be in app purchases
    If these folks at intua add things that are great we should compensate them for their time <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
    I have no problem with that, as beatmaker is too cheap anyways.
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    21 - The ability to modify the order tracks. When you have 4 tracks, this is not a problem. When you have more than 10 tracks, it can be really useful to have the possibility to reorder them !
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    18. Computer instrument editor like beatmaker 1 for drag and drop building of kits.
    I'm genuinely surprised anyone would want this. I thought BeatPack was a big pain in the ass.
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    22. Synchronization between idevices? Is this already possible? How do i get the iphone songs to the ipad2 and vice versa?
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    23. How do I send someone my customized patches again?
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    24. The ability to move sequencer chunks up and down to other tracks
    25. The file structure needs a Bit of tweaking as well, its quite easy to get lost in all the sequences etc
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    Thank you for all your suggestions. We are keeping a feature request list from our users which is very useful for us when adding new features.

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