How to use other synth apps with beatmaker 2

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So I just got the argon app and i was wondering how i can use it to make beats on beatmaker 2.
Any help?
Maybe another app that works better?


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    you can't use another app inside bm2... ie: you can't play a different app and have it recorded in bm2.

    what you can do is record something in another app, copy it to the pasteboard (IF the app supports it ... which argon does....) and then import that audio from the pasteboard as a sample in bm2.

    The main thing is to make sure that you are using an app with pasteboard implementation (note that this is a different protocol from sonoma audiocopy/paste), so that you can import to bm2.

    FYI: if you've got an app without pasteboard but WITH audiocopy/paste then there are work-arounds. This involves using audiocopy, pasting into an app that has both audiocopy and pasteboard, and then exporting from that to pasteboard.
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