4.3.1 jailbroken issues with backed up songs

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I use iphone explorer to tranfer songs, samples, etc.. to my iphone 4 for beatmaker 2. I recently upgraded to 4.3.1 jailbroken from 4.2.1. I backed up all of my info, and then dragged it into the user content area in beatmaker app (just as I usually do when transferring from ipad etc..), but bm2 isn't recognizing any of my songs. They do not show up in the app when I want to load and there are only folders, but they say "empty". When I explorer the phone it shows that the song files and samples are there though. Is anyone else having this issue?


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    ok, so I went to settings and clicked reset database and update database, and it shows the songs to load now, but says "invalid beatmaker song"!! Does that mean that it didn't copy the songs over?? it shows as a bm2 file in windows and show the samples in the folder???
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