Where is the community here?

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i have to admit, i do love the app, but i haven't been using it because it is so incredibly unstable. on 5 separate occasions, i have been far along on a project and lost everything due to crashing..

and the kicker for me:
i'm a little discouraged at how much of a 'ghost town' this forum has become. i have been using nanostudio since my frustrations with bm2 and i love it, and i love how active the developer is on the forums, responding to everything his customers have questions about and how incredibly informative he is. seriously, it's disheartening how much intua pulls the passive blind eye and doesn't respond to its users. i would really love to see more communication and information as this user (me) is kind on the edge of giving up using the app in any sort of serious way. i really don't want to, i love the flexibility of what bm2 claims, it is just unacceptably unstable and full of bugs.

i would take a more stable release ANY DAY over an ipad update that everyone keeps screaming about, and i own an ipad and use it! anyhow, just venting and really frustrated because i would like to use this thing!


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    I'm really hoping the coming update not only comes soon, but includes a lot of bugfixes and stability improvement. As much as I want the iPad UI, I'd rather hope Intua is fixing the bugs.
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    Its almost amazing how much Intua refuses to update and inform.
    They have the best music app, with the worst customer relations in the history of anything i have ever purchased.

    They never say hey that idea wont work and will not be added to beatmaker2 etc...

    The update...well judging by the speed of the release of bm2 ...ummm wouldnt hold my breath
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    Yea, honestly 1 of the reasons i stopped coming here is because, its not active enough. Seems like everything is right on point from the app 2 people, the only thing missing is the activity on these forums. It kinda makes me fell bad a bit cause i know there's alot of talented beat makers making beats with this.
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    I've stopped using it due to frustration after losing my hard work too many times.

    It's a massive shame because apart from the unreliable crash-ridden parts - BM2 is great.

    Got a feeling these bugs may be deep within code and may not be worth fixing unless it's effecting their bottom line enough.

    BM2 50% atm for anyone who wants it. Just be warned it's far from perfect.
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    Answer: They're all over at the Nanostudio forum.

    You can't deny the enthusiasm for that app. Franky it is superior in 9 out of 10 ways compared to BM2. But even the things it has over NS ie time stretch don't sound so good after processing so I end up doing it on a computer DAW anyway.

    This of course is just my opinion. I hope that Intua will respond with an update that closes the gap or leaps ahead. Both apps and others have a place. However the NS community, in which some of you are participants, is a much much more active and constructive place. Take a look at the feedback at the store and the forum.
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    I too have been using Nanostudio (and Aurora). I actually think BM2 is better, but the developers just don't seem to care. If the developers aren't excited enough about their product to be part of the community (like the Nanostudio developer is) than why should I be? Heck, I don't even like the NS developer, but do like that at least he is around. You would think that Intua would "get it" and up their customer interaction and service, but apparently they do not even understand the concepts of marketing and service.

    An active and informed community means free word of mouth advertising. And that work of mouth advertising is aimed directly at consumers that are the most likely to buy your product. And sales equal money..... This is no way to run a business, and over the years I have seen many fail over this very issue....
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    We are taking your requests seriously, and the next BeatMaker 2.1 update will bring many new funcionalities along with the corrections needed.
    We will be posting soon an article about what it will contain along with technical explanations and choices!

    -- and don't forget to share your songs on our SoundCloud group:
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    I just joined this forum today and hope to see some activity continued in the future. I used to have the former edition and it was great though <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
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    Here! Here!

    Developer to Customer relations mediocre at best. Even a Yes or No to some of the questions posted would at the very least let us know you are acknowledging us..

    I am also a Nano user,(before BM) and since their(NS) updates I have swung back over. I am not on any sides I use both which ever is at the more advanced stage for my music creations.

    But I do find that the NS forum is a lot more helpful as most questions are answered swiftly and in detail.

    Maybe Intua needs to employ someone who is willing to do this, unless, this is Intua's way - for reasons unknown.
    They would read a lot less topics like this one <!-- s:shock: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked" /><!-- s:shock: --> that's for sure.

    We do like BM2, but we sometimes feel a little left in the dark..

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