Can't sample

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I cant load an old sample or sample a new one. Every time I try I get a icon in the load box that looks like a sheet of paper with a question mark.I'm pretty sure it's a memory issue but I have no idea how to resolve the problem.somebody please help!


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    I have a few questions in order to understand your problem:
    - What is the file extension of your samples ?
    - Where are you trying to load them from ?

    Also, please try the following steps:

    - Close BM2 (completly, it should not run in the background neither)
    - Open the Settings application and go to the BeatMaker 2 tab
    - Enable the "Update Database" option
    - Launch BeatMaker 2 again

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    I updated the database but still the same results. I was importing samples from iTunes. And some of them I recorded out loud. But now I can't do anything. Just keep getting the question mark.
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    Did you try connecting to BM2 by FTP ? If so, do you see files there ?

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