Crazy BM2 Glitch?

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Is there really no way to do non-destructive chopping, i.e. "trim mode", as it is called on an Akai MPC?

Everyone I know who has this program agrees with me that the lack of this feature is quite a pain in the bum. Aren't we entitled to make changes on the fly by trimming into our individually chopped samples? It would enhance the workflow times 100. Please tell me that my friends and I are wrong, and that this feature does actually exist. It's CRUCIAL!

If this feature were to be added, BM 2 truly would be the best DAW available for a portable device, which is saying a lot. But without it, I can't take it completely seriously. Let's please please please get this added! Thanks!


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    It is possible to do so although at the moment you will need to save the sample as a new copy. We will probably add the non-destructive chopping in a future update though.

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    Please please do! It makes everything WAY easier. Thanks!
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