Trying to edit notes bug

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I was working on a four bar loop with drums sample and bass, I try copying another four bars of only the drums to do a switch up with the sample track, and I'm getting notes from the original four bar loop into my new loop? I was splitting regions and copying different sections, but it's kind of a pain, the region editing is very buggy to me. I wish there was a way to just resize regions.


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    There is two way to copy a pattern: create a new reference (the pattern number will be the same) or duplicate it. In your case it seems you created a reference to the same pattern instead of duplicating it. For more information on how the song sequencer works, I recommend you to read the User Manual, downloadable at:

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    Thanks for the quick response, another problem I noticed was after I record a performance, it automatically is creating a new region. Like I record an 8 bar performance, and the first bar will be region 1 and bars 2-8 will be region 2. Why does this happen? Is there a setting I need to change? Is there a way to combine regions or takes? Thanks for your help.
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