Can someone answer this question PLEASE before i get Ipad

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Hi, i was watching videos of folks using a camera kit to control Garageband on an Ipad 2 with a midi controller. I was wondering does anyone know for sure if i can use a midi controller with BM2 on an Ipad 2? I really want this program, but i wanna use my external axiom keyboard to play it with. I assume if it works with Garageband it would. If anyone knows PLEASE repond as i wanna pick up an Ipad this week. Thanks.


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    I believe the next update which is close to or in beta will have that support for midi...
    The axiom will probably need its power to not be unsupported by the bus.
    So at the moment, the answer is NO BEATMAKER 2 Does NOT support midi hardware.

    there is no timeframe announced for the update, but i would think it will a least be 4-5 weeks before you can actually dl the update...if there are few problems with the beta, and apple is quick in the approval process.

    If you would like a direct answer ask Colin as he is the admin! But i doubt you'll get a complete answer.
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    First off, get your iPad! I had the iPad 1 for a year, and now have the iPad 2 and am a certified fanatic!

    I have a midi keyboard and the camera kit. It works great with NS, GB and various synths. The problem with BM2 is it does not support core midi, but hopefully the next update will take care of that.
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    Thanks for your responses. I will wait for the update, BM2 still a great program to use with just the Ipad 2. Plus i wanna get FL Studio Mobile to use with Ipad as well when it comes out, so might as well get one now.
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    Just got my Ipad and i am very pleased!!! I played with BM2 a little on my iphone to see if i liked it first. It is definitely a better experience on the Ipad! I was also impressed with how phat i got my drums w/the effects parameters. The sequencer controls are UNBELIEVABLE, better than some VSTs and WAY better than most keyboards. It is so crazy that i have paid well into the thousands in the past for keyboards, drum machines, sound cards,etc, now here i am with an Ipad on my desk and some speakers bangin out full tracks. I honestly think this is the future of production, i'm glad i am on the forefront, i have all but abandoned my laptop. I don't even mind using the virtual keyboard as much as i thought i would, BUT it will be nice to hook up a controller once the next update hits. I'm gonna try to throw a few samples into the mix today and see how it goes. So basically my studio is now an Ipad 2, Dre studio Pro headphones, BM2, Garageband(they need to step up, 8 tracks?) and hopefully soon, FL mobile. This is just the inspiration i needed, thanks Intua for a great product!!! Can't believe it's 20 bucks!
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    Glad you got the iPad, it is a games changer for sure!

    There are a lot of great music apps, explore the app store and read user comments.
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    Also, check out this site <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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