Recording a 2nd take, please help!

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I've been playing with this app for a couple days and I really like it. Only trouble I am having is that I don't understand how to do a second take on a track. After I get one loop down, and I want to create a second drum loop, I always hear the first one playing. I'm sure its a simple solution, but its driving me crazy. Thanks for the help!

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    I think you can just extend the loop(the brown bar at the top of the sequence screen. Click and drag it as far past the first loop as you want and then you wil have empty space to record to on that track.
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    Yeah that seems to be the way. Not the way I would have set it up, but oh well. Thanks for your help!
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    There may be a way you can extend the actual pattern as well, so that you can play a differnt loop once the first one stops. Read the online manual, i know for sure you can split a pattern, but i think you can resize one(lenghten) it as well.
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    Yes, you just need to move the Loop locators to another position, or simply disable loop mode to record at the playback location.


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