Is there any way to obtain raw included drum samples?

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One of the applications that I utilize BM2 for is a scratch pad of sorts. A quick way to get ideas into something concrete while I'm on the go and can get in front of my full workstation. Usually they are pretty abstract and then I just go home and remake the skeleton of the beat using my own samples, synths and so forth. Recently, I utilized quite a few of the samples in several of the drum kits that I would like to use in my full production but I have no way to obtain this sample without meticulously saving them one by one in the sample editor and transferring via FTP.

Is there a way for me to obtain the raw included drum samples in an easier fashion? It doesn't seem like there would be a legal issue since I legally purchased the application thus I should have rights to utilize any samples included therein, no?

Please help.

A valued customer


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    Sorry but the included sound library is to be used within BeatMaker 2 and cannot be transfered using FTP.

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