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Would make a hell of new way of mixing and performing live as well as djing, only if I kept all my projects, but one day beatmaker will be the tool for djing, and live performances, I imagine. So you can cut out a track which seems produced by the likes of Depeche Mode or Massive Attack, but can you perform live, that's my next challenge, maybe have a dual system, working via two devices, I don't know. I'm gonna experiment, since you can import tracks from your itunes library, and have as many sequence tracks as you like, and even chop up things too, yeah I imagine what beatmaker really is made for, is live performances, but you must first get to grips with its production suite. Miles better than any djing app by far, intua beatmaker 2, is the way forward, for live performances especially djing.

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The link is to an album I produced, hoperfully you may give it a listen.

Thanks intua, I think if I ever require a job, I'll become a live performer using this app especially, what it's made for. Just thought of it, I'm well up for the challenge.

But it doesn't let me import tracks while its playing, I am sure, without checking.


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    Sorry for blogging on here,

    my first try at performing, all parts produce on the spot, apart from the appearance of two tracks which were produced by Submitter.

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