Can't find saved project when uploading

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I finished my project, but when I try to upload it via Soundcloud or export it to IOs, the browser tells me that 'the project folder' with my file name is 'empty'. Strange, since I can always find the project when I open it. Just not able to browse to it when uploading or exporting.... Please help.


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    When you go into the sequencer of your project, on the bottom right corner there should be an 'export' button, click that and a box will come up asking you if you want the whole song to save etc. click export then it will export your project into a file which can be uploaded into sound cloud, then try uploading it to sound cloud and it should work.

    *note* if the little record/play/pause etc. bar is up you have to click the little button in the bottom left corner to lower it then the export button will appear.
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