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I am hoping for a few things this next update...
Yourfilesystem sucks when compared to a computer...its a messy messy filesystem! Its incredibly shotty to move files to new folders or rename folders...and if you have beatmaker on two devices the files do NOT sync. Please for the love of me being organized do something to fix this!


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    I collaborate wirh a few other beatmaker2 users that feel the same way...four of them to be exact...i dont want to use filezilla it hits and misses files and contributes to the mess
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    One more here.
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    I use the FTP that came with my HTML editor (CoffeeCup) and have no issues.
    I like the file system in BM2 more than most iOS apps, simply because it allows the user to create their own folders. I have a few thousand samples, and it is nice to keep them organized......

    Perhaps Filezilla is the real problem that many of you seem to have?

    All the above being said, iTunes file transfer would be the best.........
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    I was referring more to file and sample management between more then one device. (any answers to this Intua )

    I too like being able to make my own folder and structure . For FTP i use Fetch without any problems but i mostly use IPHONE Explorer.
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