Selecting pads chopped audio loads to?

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In BM1, one was able to chop stuff to preselected pads, so I could do an 8 slice chop on the top 2 rowsand another on the bottom 2 with little effort - just select where I wanted the pieces to land and chop it! BM2 seems to be missing the select button from the chopping area... Am I missing something, or is something missing? How do I do this?



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    Chopping works a little differently in BeatMaker 2. The chop lab creates a new kit from the slices, which you can load afterward as a preset or bank in your Drum Machine.
    For more information on using the Chop Lab, please refet to the User Manual which you can download at:

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    The fact that it works like that is extremely limiting. You should also have the option of assigning individual chops to what pads you want them on. Also, my friends and I are all still waiting for an update with non-destructive chopping. The notion that you can't go back and adjust starting and end points of individually chopped samples after your initial slices is completely ridiculous. We as users should have options on how to do things the way we like. We shouldn't just have to follow the path that Intua has decided is best. That's why MPCs as well as other DAWs are still ahead of Beatmaker, in spite of all the potential that is here.
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    thats why mpc and top of the line synthesizers cost over $1000 dollars. this is a 20 dollar program app that is only limited to what the iphone, ipods, and ipad power can take. if anything blame apple for not producing more ram in the product. this program is for idea and for people who cant afford the top of the line equipment. im sure that when apple makes faster processors to handle big changes intua will make them. but for now have fun with your creative side. capture ideas and use them on bigger programs like cubase, logic, and reason perhaps. i use beatmaker all the time and im still finding more stuff i can do this program is endless. i so far made some high quality music. be easy on intua. the program just came out less than a year ago. peace chaps.
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    Don't get me wrong. It's a high-quality program for it's price. But those potential additions I mentioned seem realistic because those particular features were available in BM1, but now they've been taken away from us. And if lack of memory is the main problem, may I suggest the option to free up some memory by being able to delete some of those crappy-sounding stock drum kits and drugstore keyboard sounds.
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    remember there is two types of memory, there is storage memory in which apple ipad has, is the 8gb, 16gb, and 64gb. then there is RAM where it uses to run the programs, which is short term memory. it gets used every time you load a program, if the program is to big to run, the program crashes. I mean why dont you just use both programs, whatever you need to do in the beatmaker1 that is good, do it there and move the file over to beatmaker 2 to make your finishing touches. I know it would be easier if they all were in one program no doubt, but the truth of the matter is that its not. We dont even know for sure what is going to be in the new upgrade.
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