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Anyone who knows how I can make this kind of "whooosh" sound used to get this lift off/take off feel to the music. Could not find any tutorials on the net. Hope anyone can help!



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    i think the sound your referring to is the reverse sound. you can download some 808 samples from beatmaker kits online. they usually free and have the sound already embedded in the sample. or you can take the steps of doing it on your beatmaker 2 drum machine, load up the drum machine and the sounds, after the sounds are loaded up, find the open hi hat sound, next step would be to go to the far left of the pads and you will see a box that says 16, after pushing that you should see a box called reverse. click on that. now you click on the drum pad that says open hi hat or OHH. press on that. it should highlight a uturn arrow to orange yellow. then go back to the far left and click normal. now have fun! you can also take the reverse sound off. anytime you like by followig the same steps. hope this helped. if my instruction are not good enough its because im writing them through the iphone. peace
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    Thanks a lot, that really helped me out!

    Do you also have any idea how to isolate the sound and add it to the synthesizer so that i can use the "white noise" as one tone and play with the duration using filters in the fxbus? This would be great cause then i can decide the lenght of the lift off sound on-the-go.

    Any ideas?
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    I was about to say i dont know, then i investigated and yesyou certainly can.
    step 1. open up a empty keyboard (synthesizer).
    step 2. go to the keyboard settings. (top right)
    step 3. scroll all the way to the bottom of settings.
    step 4. click on new zone button, then load sample.
    step 5. browse through drum machine sound library, pick any drum pattern and load it.
    step 6. sample any drum sound to see what fits best for your sound. (hi hat)
    step 7. load the sound and it should bring you back to the keyboard setting menu.
    step 8. scroll to your right until you see the reverse button and press it. walla, you have your whoosh sound.
    also you can press the hold button till it says one shot and it will give you the full sound effect without having to hold the keys down.

    hope this helped out alot. i know its alot of steps but once you start doing this you will do it in seconds time.

    also these steps are also good for loading up other sounds other than the standard beatmaker2 sets.

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