Can't delete a track a deactivate record mode

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Hi everyone,

All my tracks keep the record mode on and the delete button is greyed on the track settings window, so i cannot delete tracks.
Has anyone come accross this problem?

Thanks in advance...


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    i checked the manuel and its not in there. so ill keep it short and simple. you have to create the track within the sequencer by pushing the add track button on the bottom next to the export button. if you create the track by just pressing the record button and playing the instument then you can only delete the track by deleting the instument you recorded with ( drum machine or keyboard). just hold the keyboard or drum machine for a few seconds and the delete button should pop up. or you can record it that way and just create the track from the sequencer and just transfer the sounds to the track and delete the intrument(drum machine or keyboard). i hope i didnt lose you in explaining. i dont work for intua so i dont know how the explain the whole interface ordeal. only intua can explain why you cant delete tracks that have been recorded through the actual sound controllers. but the way i explain is the best way to have some freedom on deleting and adding tracks. hope i helped..
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