recording problem with ALESIS io dock

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I just got the ALESIS io dock and tried it out with beatmaker 2 on my ipad1, all works well, except I can´t record with my connected SHURE SM58 microphone - I have connected everything just fine, I get my voice on the monitor, but the recorded sample is distorted and lower - it seems like it has a wrong sampling rate, I didn´t try it with my guitar yet, but I think things will be the same , can someone please help?


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    I forgot: yes, I tried other software (fire recorder) and the recordings there are just fine, so it must be a software problem with beatmaker2.
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    Thanks for letting us know, we will be investigating this issue.

    If possible, please send us an email to "support at" with a short audio recording that demonstrates the problem, thank you!

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    Was out of town - have just sent the recording,
    best, Felix.
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    Just bought Alesis IO Dock
    I hope the update at least addresses the input problem, because I dont want to wait 6 months to a year for an update to fix feel me
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    Hi there,

    We're looking into the issue and the fix will come with the 2.1.1 update.
    Stay tuned !

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    Thank you...where the heck is the pad copy paste? I cant find it cuz im blind or dumb lmao
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    Check the "16" drum machine menu, second page.
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    Using iO Dock and M-Audio Trigger Finger and it doesn't work.

    Used my Keystation and it works beautifully, but when I plug in the TF it doesn't respond.

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    I was blind found it thank you very much!
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    Some news regarding the iO Dock support: it now works perfectly!
    Stereo microphones will also be supported in the upcoming update.

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