Preview audio from ipod library

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Dunno if anyone has posted this or it has been resolved but i think it would help out alot for ppl who sample most of the time or just like to chop to create kits if you could preview ur ipod library when you're uploading a sample or a song to chop. I have a few albums on my ipod and its a pain to have to listen to my ipod first then go into beatmaker and remember what song and where it is. I plan to dload reforge but i like to stay in one app when on my ipad. IMO it keeps the flow going for me instead of having to use the clipboard. I do all my editing in beatmaker2 eventho sometimes it shuts down on me when i'm doing so but i expect that.


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    Great question. I myself have my music collection all on my ipad .
    To easily pull songs from the library to sample and save samples or kits easily in beatmaker really would be cool.
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