The prefect Time Stretch loop

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I still can't get Time Stretch to crate the prefect loop. Sometime i can get it to work but a lot of times the loop doesn't fill the whole bar(s).
I have read the manual and watched the video tutorial and bunch of times. I think the confusing part is the 'Set Loop' setting and the BPM setting.

Would love is someone could help out with 'Time Stretching'



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    There are 3 factors which are important to create a perfect loop:

    - your base sample: it needs to be cut perfectly, so that when playing it in loop mode you hear no time gaps or audio clicks
    - setting the loop tempo and number of bars correctly: if your loop is 2 bars long, you should defintely tell BM2 about it, or it won't be able to compute the correct base tempo correctly.
    - time-stretching it to exact tempo of your song

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