Chop lab not working correctly.

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Hey, Ive been using this app for awhile, but recently, Ive been having problems with the chop lab.

Instead of chopping it accoding to each of the markers that I have designated, it will only chop the last marker I have placed (but it will do so many times, depending on how many markers I have used).

For instance, if I load a sample, and place 6 chop markers, and then create a preset, it will load my preset into the drum machine, and show 6 different samples, but when I trigger them, they are just all the same sample.

Ive tried literally everything. Ive deleted the app off my iPod, deleted it from my iTunes library, redownloaded it through iTunes, re-installed it, but nothing is working.

Im not sure whats going on.
Any help would be appreciated.


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    After chopping, BM2 does two things:

    - Create a Drum Machine preset that will load up all slices
    - Generate an audio file for each of the slices

    Please make sure you are loading the bmk2 preset, and not just one of the generated sample over multiple pads.

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