Few problems little help please :)

edited July 2011 in Support
So like I've been working on this jam for a while, and I recently noticed that my drums needed individual tweaking,whenever I apply filters/ADSR on any single sound in teh drum pads and save it,it will never save the settings of what I did and I'm getting flustered :[ ! I've even tried saving preset but still once I load the track back up it doesn't work, even though it says the filter and Adsr is enabled.... Anyway to fix? Also I'm getting a lot of crackles And pops! Anyway to fix that? Will they go away if I export? Pretty sure they will, but just checking... Also is there anyway to record automation? Thanks for the support, and I love beatmaker, your team has done a phenomenal job with everything I. Designing this mobile DAW. Absolutely bonkers I say!
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