How does autosave work?

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I am constantly saving because I'm afraid of losing work in BM2. I think I've lost some content due to crashes in the past. (hard to remember because I've been saving several times a minute for some time now.). If a song is altered, does the program autosave it? If yes, how often? How about if BM2 crashes?

If there isn't an autosave feature, please add it soon! Any updates/changes in the new 2.1 version re: saving and autosave?

As of now, I'm wasting a lot of time and concentration on saving, saving, saving.... If it must be this way, can you add a quick save function (without the spinning circle wait time) and a save button that's available at all times?

(BTW searched the manual and forums but didn't see anything covering the topic.)



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    No responses... Has anyone run into these problems? Intua can you weigh in on this?
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