Problems with the Wav Files

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Hi, I have a little problem with the export files.
I use BeatMaker2 to create loops and use them in other applications (of the drum machine generally) ..
I made a sequence just of 4 bars to build a loop.
I export it to WAV file (just those 4 bars) and put it in the app Reactable, but the loop doesnt sound .. is there but when i select it, doesnt play .. Why?

Please tell me what i do


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    Yeah I'm having the same problem. Even if I make a four bar loop, export it to a .wav file, copy and paste it into Reactable they don't seem to work. I think you should try to import your .wavs through your computer THEN onto Reactable because the copy paste function has always been finniky. Alternatively you could use something other than beatmaker to make samples for Reactable.
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    Okay so having scouted the Reactable mobile forums this is what I think you should do:

    1. Make your loop with whatever program.
    2. Convert it to a wave file with the extension .WAV (make sure it's in all capitals)
    3. Transfer the files into Reactable from your computer.

    I think whats happening with beatmaker is that it saves the files as .wav rather than .WAV. So Reactable isn't recognizing them.
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    Ohh.. Could be

    Yeah, I think that is how you say..

    I think that the formats WAVE and Wav are differents.. but i also have the Beatmaker 1 and with him, it does work..

    With the BeatMaker 1, my loops that create there and then export to Reactable, do works..

    Shoud be the same because for me, the format for export (WAV) is the same on both apps (BeatMaker 1 and BeatMaker 2)..

    so i dont know what is wrong
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    I'm curious how did you transfer the .wavs to Reactable from BM2? did you transfer them from BM2 to a computer and then from your computer to Reactable. Or did you use the copy and paste function in BM2 to paste it into Reactable? Because I've tried the copy and paste from BM2 method and the loops don't work. However I've made loops with Reason and transfered them from my computer and they work just fine.
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