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Can someone help me figure out how to export individual tracks instead of the full song. I want to import these tracks into my reason or logic program to master the sounds. For example I have one track that has drums, the second track has synth, how can I import just those sounds individually? Maybe I missed something. Please help.....


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    A tedious workaround, but this should work.

    Be sure and save a master copy of your project. Then go into the project and delete all tracks except the one you are wanting to export. Save AS and give it a unique name like "Project Name Track 1" or what ever.... export.... reload master project and repeat with other tracks..........

    A major PITA, but should work
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    I could be missing something, but why not just solo the track you want and then export? Then repeat and solo track 3, 4, etc?? I do it all the time in Garageband...
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    I thought about both of your suggestions, I just thought there was an easier and faster way to export the individual tracks. thank you for suggesting that option.
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