BM2.1, Drum Machine Pad does not fit properly on iPad2

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hi there

at first, thanks for your effort

i am BM user in Korea

i have downloaded BM2.1 and played,


Drum Machine Pad does not fit properly on my iPad2! (the pad's location and sample's location does not fit, my iPad2 ios is the latest version)

i have deleted and redownload and reinstalled BM2.1 on my iPad2 but the problem is same.

plz let me know what i do! and fix this!


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    Is your device jailbroken ? Do you use any retina-enabler app ?
    Please provide us with a screenshot at: contact [at] intua [dot] net

    Thank you
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    i sent you the pic captured on my ipad2

    i've never used jailbreak

    i wait your response
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    I've just double-checked with your exact setup: iPad 2 and iOS 4.3.5.
    I'm unable to reproduce the issue. Looks like the CSS loading is messed up and the device is recognized
    as an iPhone, not an iPad, which is very strange.

    Can you try this:

    - Backup your project files and samples via FTP File Transfer
    - Remove both BeatMaker 2 from your device and iTunes
    - Re-install BeatMaker 2.1 directly on the device and re-transfer your backup'd files.

    Also, one thing to check: go to the iOS Settings Apps, get into BeatMaker 2 preferences and
    verify you see this: "Version 2.1", at the end of the list.

    Hope we can sort this rare bug quickly as it seems to concern only a few users.
    Sorry for the inconvenience,

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    I seem to be having the exact same issue. I'm on an Ipad2 iOS 4.3.5. I tried the uninstall and reinstall thing and that didn't help.
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    We've located the problem, we'll submit an update ASAP.
    It only concerns 3G iPads.

    Stay tuned, it shouldn't be long.
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    We've located the problem, we'll submit an update ASAP.
    It only concerns 3G iPads.

    Stay tuned, it shouldn't be long.

    Thanks. I have the same problem.
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    BeatMaker 2.1.1 has been submitted. Let's hope Apple will review it quickly !

    The Intua Team
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    Yup, Same problem on my ipad 2... <!-- s:? --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused" /><!-- s:? -->
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    same here. ipad2
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    the problem i mentioned on BM2.1 is fixed on BM2.1.1 beta version!

    i checked this~

    i really thank INTUA for fix and effort

    native ipad interface is greatly improved and beautiful (i think BM2 is more fantastic than my MPC 1000, haha~)

    anyone who has same problem, do not worry about this

    it has been fixed perfectly

    we just wait for BM 2.1.1 reading new manual!

    have a great day!
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    I seem to have the same problem with the updated 2.1 version.
    I tried deleting and uninstalling several times. Also clearing my memory and rebooting the iPad and I still get the same problem.

    Just for your info, I am using a 3G/WIFI iPad2.
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    PaulGrai/ my ipad2 is also 3g/wifi version

    Intua said this problem just only came on ipad 3g/wifi and fixed this on 2.1.1 (bm2.1.1 already has been submitted)

    i checked this fixed on bm2.1.1 beta version and played it yesterday. it worked well on ipad 3g/wifi

    do not worry about it and we just wait for bm2.1.1 coming soon
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    Hi everyone,

    The update has arrived, it could take a few minutes to reach every App Store but it has been approved.

    Enjoy !
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