Beatmaker 2.1 - now how do i downgrade

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dear intua,

i have just updated to 2.1.
maybe i need to get used to things but i am really annoyed.

my main problem is the midi editing:
i cannot zoom beyond the bar values. i seem to remember that i could zoom im quite alot in the 2.0 which i needed to trim the midi recordings and move them around. this is not possible anymore. i can only chop at bar markers.

infact - the whole "ipad interface" seems to have made things only smaller, not really using the extra screen estate creatively. at all. where 2.0 was rather clever (and fast) in it´s layout. 2.1 makes no sense really.(this is my opinion)

midi out is naturally omitted, so there is nothing for me in this update.

i respectfully ask you - how can i please go back.
after eager waiting, i do not wish to use 2.1.

please respond.

thank you.


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    Hi usul,

    I can select a midi part, pinch to zoom without a problem... Maybe you have a faulty installation? You should try reinstalling... Zooming with pinch works great... This really is a recommended update, i've noticed a much lighter cpu footprint and so much more improvements.

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    @Usul: Is your device jailbroken ? Do you use any retina-enabler app ?

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    I appreciate your fast answers alot.

    sorry for not being more specific.
    i do not use a jailbroken device. my ipad is the first generation 3g (never heard of retina enabler), and i care for beatmaker alot.

    the trouble i am having is in the main sequencer window:

    pinch zooming works but only to a certain degree i.e. until 15 (14 1/2) bars are visible.
    (which influences the slice function.)

    i am under the impression that i could zoom in alot more on 2.0 and trim the midi patterns more precisely, rearrange and merge them to my liking.
    i could be mistaken though but it does not seem so.

    screenshot i dug out:
    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ker2_2.jpg</a><!-- m -->

    hope its a bit clearer.

    looking forward to your replies.

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