FTP file transfer

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FTP file transfer doesn't appear to work for me with 2.1

Anyone else haing this problem? I use cyberduck on osx...



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    I had minor issues while using FileZilla. This came down to too many simultaneous connections. Perhaps this is also causing your troubles.

    Try setting it to 1 connection and transfer max.

    Other things to check

    - Did you use the right port? (it is not default FTP port 21)
    - Internal firewall, not sure what kind of network set-up you have going, but see above, since it is not a web-standard port, there could be firewall rules denying access, have you checked that?
    - Use passive transfer instead of active
    - 1 simultaneous transfer / connection open.

    Good luck!
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    I had this problem. To solve it I just restarted the ftp server in intua.
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