BM2 and SampleWiz?

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Hi Gang,

I'm really, seriously, honestly digging BM2. Awesome app. I just purchased SampleWiz, also an awesome app... it seems to complement BM2's minor shortcomings rather well (resampling vs. multisampling, etc).

Has anyone gotten BM2 and SW to play nice or work it effectively into your BM2 workflow?

Also, I purchased Bloom HD, an ambient generative app by Brian Eno (similar to a dumbed down Mixtikl). In the settings, Blooms has an option to turn multitasking on so Bloom's audio will play in the background. When I launch BM2, however, Bloom's audio quit -- it seems as though if another audio engine fires up, Bloom's audio stops. It appears that Bloom's background audio is a very basic kind to play nice with other non-audio apps. Just thought I'd toss that out there.


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    Yep they play in my set up!
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    SampleWiz is a very cool app that can do some pretty crazy things. All I can do is simply record and copy/paste into BM2. SampleWiz lacks want many iOS synths lack, and thats a simple pattern maker. It would be nice for to have even a very basic 16 or 32 note pattern sequencer. Then it would be easier to make "loops" to paste into BM2.....

    SampleWiz is one of those apps I enjoy putting the headphones on and just playing......
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    Gotta check samplewiz out
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    When you get SampleWiz, learn to play the "Wav", lotsa fun.....
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