Effects do not show up in main channel

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Now the 2.1.1. update works with my iPad 2(3G). However, at the new main channel my added effects do not show up in the right column at restart. I can still access the effects by clicking the middle of the screen (the empty effect holder), but once I have added them, they can not be removed after restart, since you need them to be in the right column to do that. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


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    I get the same behavior here....odd.
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    Thanks for reporting the issue, we're working on it!

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    Yes, I noticed this last night. Putting fx on the main channel, taking them off, it would throw a 'bit crusher' on to replace, even though it was meant to be empty. And if it successfully deleted, yet I was still on the fx rack view, then that view would be replaced with a black screen. Needs some Ui/help with this view. As always thanks Intua-!
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