Mpd18 anyone?

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If anyone knows if an mpd18 works with beatmaker 2 please let me know. Thought about the mpk25 but thats too bulky.


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    What midi controllers have anybody gotten to work with bm2? Tried korg nanopad 1 and 2 but those didn't work for me.
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    We were testing with the NanoKey and NanoPad, works fine !
    Two things to check:
    - Be sure BeatMaker 2 is not running before plugging your MIDI controller (double-tap home, quit BM2)
    - iOS 4.2, at least, is required
    - A powered USB hub is necessary sometimes. For example, the NanoKey doesn't require one, but the NanoPad does.

    iOSMIDI has a great controller compatibility list: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Check it out!
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    It doesnt list the mpd18 tho. The closest thing to a light travel situation with the ipad is the mpk mini. Guess im gonna have to do some digging. Thnx intua.
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    @intua what version of the nanopad are you using
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