Compatible MIDI controllers

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With the recent CoreMIDI update, I've been really excited to start diving into BM2, however, I'm noticing that some controllers (while CoreMIDI compliant) DO NOT work with Beatmaker 2. These are controllers that work 100% with other apps, and give full readout of every bit of data into Midi Monitor (from There seems to be inconsistency with controllers working on one ipad vs another. I wanted to start a list of controllers that do and do not work with BM2, and if they DO NOT work, do they work with other apps?

I've been referred to <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> already for the 'list of compatible devices' and 'suggestions for getting your devices working'. I have compatible devices, and i've tried everything listed on <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> to try and get some of these controllers to work. Some are working properly, others arent (but ARE working properly with other software, meaning, Intua, you have a problem).

Akai LPK25

Not Working:
Korg Nanopad 1
Korg Nanopad 2

Post replys of other working/non-working controllers, I'll try to update the top post as these come through.


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    I got my korg nanopad 1 to work temporarily with BM2, but it did have a bunch of issues, like pads would only trigger a sound 60% of the time. Now it's not working at all with BM2, but it does work fine with other apps. Oh and this was all done on an iPad2 3G.
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