Zoom level and Effects window

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Great product.

I updated to 2.1, and then to 2.1.1.
But, I can't zoom in more than 14 bars in the track view.
And the effects selection window is very small. Like iPhone small.
Is this as it should be?

And I can't scroll thru presets in the drum machine if the preset name doesn't have a number in it.

Beatmaker 2.1.1 on iPad 2 3g


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    Hi Anubis,

    Yes, the sequencer zoom is locked to 14 bars as a minimum.
    Regarding the effect selection panel, yes, we've put it that way to make it
    quick to select an effect, this is normal.

    Regarding the drum machine preset selection problem, I suggest you try
    re-updating the database, as it should work with names without numbers.
    To do that:
    - Save your work and put BeatMaker 2 in the background by pressing the device home button
    - Double-press the home button again to bring the running apps toolbar
    - Press the BeatMaker 2 icon for at least 1 second, until it starts moving, and press the little "X" round icon to close it
    - Go to the iOS "Settings" app, scroll down to BeatMaker 2 preferences, and set "Update database" to ON
    - Relaunch BeatMaker 2

    This should fix your problem.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I don't understand the rationale behind the limited zoom level or your explanation for the very tiny effects window, but thanks anyway.

    And the database update didn't work.
    Still can't click thru presets without a number.
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