I need help chopping songs into samples

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I'm trying to chop this song and sample it in Beatmaker2 but I need some help. It would be awesome if I could have an example of what someone would do with this sample. I am entirely new to making beats and started just three weeks ago so I am trying but it just isn't easy for me to do. I plan on making mainly hiphop beats not really into techno, But DnB is cool. If your interested in trying to chop the sample. Please post your email so I can send it to you then post what you did with it in this topic after. Thank You.


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    watch the video on the front page of <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.intua.net">www.intua.net</a><!-- w -->
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    Let me rephrase my whole statement. I know how to chop but I Need to see how someone would flip this sample because I'm new to beatmaking and would like to hear what someone would do to this sample in order to make it a rap beat.
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    You can watch our Chop Lab video tutorial at this address:

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