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Don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but everytime I start a beat and keep it running in the background while loading samples BM2 crashes on me.

And for some reason the last saved session is taking me way back to the beginning of the build (beat) or another song altogether.

Is there a way to change the frequency of the auto save???


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    I've had it happening to my a few times.
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    You know it's been happening to me as well,quite a few times
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    Hello everyone !
    Thank you for reporting, it helps a lot !
    As far as I could tell, the new update may solve these issues.

    However one that would remain is when you removed the sample limitations, or set it to a very high value while running other apps, you may experience crashes on loading too many samples...
    Also, when beatmaker2 is running in the background, and you're now running one heavy memory consuming application, the iOS may decide to kill BeatMaker2, considering it's not the priority there...
    Nothing we can do on these cases as it is more iOS memory management related (this was also discussed here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... t=20#p9927</a><!-- m -->)

    As for the auto save, it's triggered whenever you leave beatmaker2 with the home button.

    Anyways it could also be something else, and we would be glad to investigate it furthermore.
    Would you mind giving us a sample project that causes the issue, and/or giving as many details as possible about reproducing it, on support at

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    In my case it's not a particular project but more like on any given project... Usually say for example I'm running the audio and don't stop the engine... I go in to search a sample while the player is running and while pre-listening samples it crashes... Most of the times after just previewing a few.

    I never have other apps running while running beatmaker... Not even mail or safari.
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