I've got 5 FX showing on the Main and...

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My main FX are not showing at all on the 'home' screen, where i can delete/rearrange them.

But if i touch the icon for the main bus, it brings up the FX rack page with the fx-controls.

3 of the fx i knew about, 2 i didn't, but it seems they all work.

I can use them, but not delete them.

And now for fun, i just threw 3 more fx in the 'empty' slots, for a total of 8 functioning fx on the main.

What gives? Now What?...


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    So that was all happening in the 2.1.1 update.

    Now I just installed the 2.1.2 update,
    and any of my files with the 'main fx' problem are unopenable, BM2 will crash.
    Good thing I save versions...

    I'll be testing this update tomorrow some more, + let you know what i find.
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    Hello Zetagy

    Thank you for reporting that issue, sorry for the inconvenience...
    Would you mind sending me the project files ? (support[at]intua.net)
    Both the older version and the new one that crashes if possible, will help a lot !

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    I sent the files over to your support mail. Have a look, let me know-!
    Thanks again
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