The Open Music App Collaboration Manifesto and BEATMAKER 2?

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Are we getting involved in this or?..........

Rolf Wöhrman, developer of the NLogPoly Synth line of iOS apps, has posted an Open Music App Collaboration Manifesto, calling on iOS music developers to push ahead with inter-app collaboration features:

This is a doc about how iOS apps should use MIDI while running on same device. It provides a set of best practices which should make user experience as great as possible for people who want run apps in parallel like in these scenarios:

- A controller app (like SoundPrism, Polychord etc.) in front plays a sound generating app eg. a synth (like NLogSynth etc.) running in the background

- Two beat-oriented apps eg. a drum machine (like MoDrum, Molten, Funk Box etc.) is running in sync with another app (like NLogSynth arpeggio or BassLine etc.)

- A sequencer app controls other sound generating apps like synths, drum machines etc.

- An external MIDI controller plays a synth app running in the background while the iOS interface is used for an app in the front triggering loops

- Any combination of these scenarios: A sequencer app controls a drum box & arpeggiated synth in the background while the user plays controller app controlling another synth in the background.

An example is embedded above.

CPU & RAM are the only limits!

Wöhrman goes on to detail 7 ‘must haves’ for inter-app collaboration and 9 more options that are desirable.

He notes that “Most best practices described here are neither rocket science nor my inventions. I just tried to summarize what needs to be done to have a great user experience.”

What features do you think iOS music apps need most?

You can read the full manifesto here and there is also a Google group to discuss and refine the ideas.

I think i would sell my iphone4 AND mbp 17 i7 for another ipad2 and wirless hd!


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    most important thing to beatmaking on ipad and no feedback? wow
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    most important thing to beatmaking on ipad and no feedback? wow

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    Yes, we are following with great interest this collaboration between music app vendors.
    We'll start by adding support for virtual midi ports in a future update.

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    so are you saying two ios devices sycncd or BM2 controlling OSX apps? just say i need another ipad2 and im at the apple store!
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    NLog Synth Pro & NLog MIDI Synth Get MIDI Updates
    The updated versions will offer improved collaboration features, with better MIDI support, audio background operation, MIDI clock and Korg’s WIST technology.

    This will allow you to play NLog synths, in the background, using a controller app, via a virtual MIDI connection. This will allow you to run a sequencer app like Genome in the foreground, controlling NLog, running in the background.

    Tempo Rubato says the updates will be available in the App Store on Friday, Sept 16th. I just purchased an alesis io dock today so im ready to record.

    Also my Sound Prism Pro was silently updated to controll apps on the same ios device today!

    Were u at intua? I really wanna thank ya'll in advance cause that note repeat and midi out was a game changer!
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    We're adding virtual MIDI connections support. It should be available in the next update.

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    jokin around, u guys at intua are really the best and i dare ANY software derived beat-making machine to cut a eye our way!

    we winnin so take your time!

    bless you team intua!

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