when trying to update, appstore tells me to BUY IT!

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hey there!
i've been using beatmaker 2 since this march on my ipad1, i've used it on tour also, been using the iphone version since there was not any ipad native version of beatmaker 2. now i heard there was this update that gives native ipad graphics support and i tried to update beatmaker using appstore, it always got stuck at some place. then i decided to remove beatmaker completely and reinstall the updated version, i launched appstore, searched for beatmaker 2, there it was and instead of the INSTALL button, there was this 19.99$ button, i clicked it and it changed to BUY APP. then i wondered if the iphone and ipad versions and not universally priced, so i visited the iphone app's page on appstore, and it was 19.99$ too! on march 2011 i bought this app for 24.99$ and now i cannot even re-install it!



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    That is an app store issue, not an Intua issue......

    But, here are some ideas....

    (1) Be sure you bought Beatmaker 2, and not Beatmaker 1
    (2) Be sure you are signed in to the app store under the account that you bought BM2 with.
    (3) If you are 100% sure you bought BM2, and you are signed in under the right account, click to buy and it should work anyway. It will have a pop up that tells you bought the app already, and can download it for free.....

    I have had this happen in the past on other apps......

    If it does not work, contact apple support, they can (and do) give refunds.....


    If you have the latest iOS installed, you can open app store, tap icon on the bottom right, and see your purchases. Put "Beatmaker 2" into the search, and if you bought it, it will be there. From there just tap to download.
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    Thank you @bremencole, these are exactly the steps @boorch should follow <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

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