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so this is my problem. I upload a sample from my music library and then i let it chop automatically. At the end theres only one sample slice on the beatmaker2 drumpad. Why is there only one sample? I mean i said i want 16 slice and all the slices were the same!? Can somebody help me ?


  • Hi,

    Make sure you load the complete choppedpreset file (with .bmk2 extension) into the drum machine (LOAD PRESET button), and not only one of the chopped sample.

    Hope this helps,
  • Ok i chopped my sample into 16 piece. Ive tried to load the preset and it still doesnt work
  • Hi,

    That should not happen. Could you please send in a zip file your preset and chopped samples so we can check this out?
    Please mail it at support at

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