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Hi everybody, I'm new to iPad apps, and to BeatMaker, so I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

So it's me or there's not midi out, trhu, or sync option? An it's only possible to record small sample, right?

This it's not a criticism, if they are not there, fine. Maybe later. The thing that I really like the interface, the graphics, and the midi editing mode, and I would really like more options.




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    Hi Luca,

    At the moment, BeatMaker 2 only supports MIDI IN (MIDI Controller ---> BeatMaker 2)
    MIDI OUT/THRU will be added in the near future.

    Stay tuned !
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    Thanks for your answer,

    Great news, I can't wait. With midi out, trhu and maybe sync, would be a nearly perfect app. What about dropbox? Filezilla doesn't want to work with my pc, and your app doesn't show in iTunes, and I'm not a fan of soundcloud. Also dropbox is very straightfoward.

    Sorry to be a pain.


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