MIDI Keyboard with camera connector adapter

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I've been trying to use a midi keyboard with Beatmaker2 with no success so far. The keyboard I'm using is a Yamaha PSR E413 connected to the ipad via the camera connector.
On page 72 of the Beatmaker2 manual it mentions a couple of error messages that may be displayed if the midi controller is not supported, or not enough power.
Neither of these error messages have been displayed for me - I just get no response midi wise. I have tried changing the midi channels etc, but no difference.

I do have a few older midi keyboards (5 pin midi sockets) which I have also tried on Beatmaker2 using a midi to usb hub, but this did not work either.

Does anybody know how / if I can get this to work? I just want the app to receive basic midi information from the keyboard - it would make Beatmaker2 far more useable for me.


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    Next to the metronome icon there is a midi icon that says OMNI. Is that turned on? If not, please turn it on. Also have you been able to get your usb midi controller(s) working with any other iPad app (that connects to midi via the camera connection kit)?
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    Also, if the OP is still around, try the keyboard with external power anyway, it can make a difference.

    I have this <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.akaipro.com/lpk25">http://www.akaipro.com/lpk25</a><!-- m --> little keyboard. It works, powered only by the iPad, and is very portable......
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    Same problem for me...
  • Hi,

    Please try the following steps:

    - Close BeatMaker 2 completly (it should not run in the background neither)
    - Plug your MIDI keyboard to your USB interface (use external power if possible, or an USB Hub if needed)
    - Launch BeatMaker 2
    - Make sure OMNI mode is enabled
    - Create a Keyboard Sampler and load a preset
    - Play, if your keyboard is supported it should playback sounds correctly.

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    Hi folks, newbie here BUT...

    I also have the Korg Nano keyboard and was going nuts trying to get it to talk to BM2. Yes it talked to my other iPad apps just fine but BM2 seemed to be a problem. For those of you having an issue try the Gothic Piano. That has a very wide range and all of a sudden the keyboard worked fine. I even have OMNI OFF and am using channel 1. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread some of the voices run off the center keyboard.

    Hope This Helps,

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    I am using my MPD32 with BM2 and it works in the Keyboard Sampler but not the Drum Pads, OMNI is turned ON

    Any solutions for this?

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    Come on guys? No Response?
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    Hello all,

    Seems quite a bit of people are having issues connecting external keyboards via USB with the camera connection kit. So far by what I have been reading, this seems to be a hit or miss situation with each particular setup, but it also seems to be that Beatmaker is unable to recognize in a consistent manner the different external midi keyboards. I have an Akai MPK49 keyboard, with external power supply, guess what, it didn't work, I have the Ipad2 with the camera connection kit. Intua, please fix this or really look into making this more reliable in the next upgrade of Beatmaker 2. Not sure if anyone here agrees with me, feel free to voice your opinion.


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    We'll be improving MIDI hotplugging in futrure version. Please remember that using the current version, you need to connect your MIDI controller *before* launching BeatMaker 2 (make sure it's not already running in the background too).

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